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How we support our customers.

12 January 2018

When we say “How we support our customers”, we are talking about an international team of Unycom professionals who are responsible for taking care of the questions and concerns of our customers. In a chat with Christian Färber and Herwig Posedu, we discussed good consulting, bad service, and the crucial importance of personal contact, even in an IT company. Read an extract of this interview in the following.

What does your work in customer service involve?

Herwig: We both work in the Unycom support team, meaning that we provide support and other services for our customers. It starts with simple data modifications and analyses, and it also ranges from software optimization to on-site training and web sessions.

Unycom customers can choose between three different support plans. What is included in each of the plans?

Christian: With the standard support plan, any bugs in the software are covered and self-help resources are made available. For premium support, there is also a service delivery manager who takes care of the customer’s concerns. This means that the customer has their own contact person at Unycom. With the ultimate support plan, there is an entire support team to provide support. This team knows exactly what the specific customer needs are so they can work with the particular requirements of individual customers.

What should be the main criteria when deciding on the most suitable support plan?

Herwig: The company’s size and complexity as well as degree of customization required by the customer. For smaller businesses, our standard support plan can be completely sufficient. We also help customers to choose the right plan.

Do you think giving good advice is what makes good customer service?

Herwig: Good customer service means having a solution in your head – even if your customer does not have a concrete problem. That’s the cool thing about our job, in that we’re not selling anything so we can just concentrate on what the customer really needs and how we can make that happen.

Christian: Yes, I think it’s one of our greatest strengths that we question things. We want to be doctors who don’t just prescribe painkillers but instead take care of the actual cause of the pain. What’s needed here are problem-solving skills. It’s a bit like professional puzzle solving.

We want to be doctors who don’t just prescribe painkillers but instead take care of the actual cause of the pain. What’s needed here are problem-solving skills. It’s a bit like professional puzzle solving.
Christian Färber, Service Delivery Manager
So at Unycom you really work with each request individually?

Herwig: Yes, definitely. The requirements are very special at Unycom. I would say we are a little more than a normal support department. As an example, some other software providers outsource their customer service to India, where they just grind away on ticket after ticket. In contrast, we always try to look at the bigger picture and to link things together. This is what makes our work so exciting and varied.

Talking about making connections…how closely do the departments work together?

Herwig: One can see the interconnectedness in the way that moving to another department at Unycom is no problem, so there’s an automatic interface between departments. Also the Unycom office itself promotes collaboration, whether through the open space between offices that can be used for meetings, the open offices, or the shared kitchen and eating area where everyone meets. This really connects people.

Christian: Due to our company’s size, we are all in the same boat. Our work spans different departments; we work as a team to find optimal solutions for our customers. The product management team, for example, is always asking for our input.

You would then say that teamwork plays quite an important role at Unycom?

Christian: Yes, especially among the people working in customer support. It is extremely important. As our software definitely has a certain degree of complexity, it’s almost impossible for one person to understand every detail of it. This is why solutions are often found in teams.

How does this cooperation influence the working environment?

Herwig: Positively! It leads to a very positive and friendly environment at Unycom; it’s very informal, regardless of one’s role in the company.

Christian: Exactly. Many people have been working at the company for years, and every new employee is received with open arms. Personally, I came back to Unycom after working somewhere else for a while, because I simply like HOW things are done here.

What else do you like about your work?

Christian: I really like communicating with customers because it’s simply on equal terms…and I also like that customers value our work.

Herwig: I totally agree with Christian, the relationship with our customers is great. I end up being on a first name basis with all of the people who contact customer support, even though they are working for quite large companies…companies that are leaders in their fields. Also, the atmosphere at work is simply good. That’s motivating in itself. I just like the way Unycom ticks –young and likeable people, and you get support from all sides.

Christian: I think that if you asked our customers why they like working with us, one would often get an answer that has to do with “personal contact” and with the joint development of working solutions.

Christian Färber: Customer Success Manager | Herwig Posedu: Business Analyst

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