Heinrich Schlünken
Heinrich Schlünken is the founder and CEO of Unycom. He is responsible for creating, communicating and leading our company’s overall business strategy.
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Prior to Unycom, Heinrich founded a medical software company and was involved in the development of various information management systems in the car industry. With his experience in the IT sector, which he gained in a variety of fields and projects, Heinrich founded Unycom in the year 2000. He graduated from University of Graz, Austria, with a degree in mathematics.
Hans-Jürgen Wels
Hans-Jürgen Wels is a member of the executive board and is in charge of the day-to-day operations with a focus on sales and account management along with the delivery and further broadening of our service portfolio.
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For several years Hans-Jürgen was involved in marketing and gained experience in selling ERP software. In 2001 he joined our team. During his first few years at Unycom, he supervised several large implementation projects, working in the fields of service and customer care. Hans-Jürgen completed his education in the fields of IT and economics.
Joachim Kräuter is responsible for developing the strategic roadmap for Unycom’s products and aligning the future development of our products with our customers’ business needs.
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Unycom greatly benefits from Joachim’s extensive product knowledge and experience. Joachim started his career as website and software developer at DaimlerChrysler. In 2000, he co-founded Unycom and was part of the original development team creating the first version of our Unycom system.
Gerfried Koch is responsible for the development of Unycom’s software product portfolio.
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Gerfried has successfully established agile development at our company and manages several teams dedicated to high quality software. Gerfried started his career as a software programmer and took the lead role in several IT projects. In 2001, he became owner and CEO of his own software company. In 2009, he started working in Unycom’s software development department and two years later he joined Unycom’s management team. Gerfried Koch studied telematics at Graz University of Technology.
Multi-disciplinary teams
Our multi-disciplinary teams work in a project-based way to find smart solutions for our customers. All departments are located at the Unycom headquarters – that allows us to remain flexible and unburdened by excessive bureaucracy.
Organized experts
Unycom is divided into expert teams for the development of further product improvements, delivery of professional services, care of our customers and pursuit of business development.

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