Open Academy Graz powered by Unycom

29 October 2019

Experienced speakers and workshops are a great inspiration. To provide simple access to inspiring events for ourselves and others, we decided to host an extraordinary event series: The Open Academy Graz powered by Unycom.


By making the events open to the public, the discussions with the presenters and attendees following the talks are more diverse. Our advantage as Unycom employees is that we don’t even have to leave our office building! The events cover a wide range of topics relevant to a software company like Unycom: methods of modern software development, successful customer service, Business Agility, organizational development, project management, Customer Success Management, New Work and so on. As a leading provider of IP management software, we also host talks about intellectual property, patent management or news in IP law.


In 2019, we had four events which were all great fun with free food and drinks. In July, the Open Academy Graz powered by Unycom was kicked off with a presentation on how Raiffeisen Software coordinates 800 people in their development (Big room planning). In September, we found out how Siemens releases industry applications within 6 months time (Agile within a large corporation). In October, we heard how Sipgate transitioned to true cross-functional teams including support team members. In December, a mob programming event enabled all participants even without programming skills, to develop their own game.


For details and future events, check out the meetup page: Meetup Open Academy Graz powered by Unycom


We are very much looking forward to your visit.

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