Premium software solutions
Unycom develops software solutions for IP experts, underpinned by our extensive experience in working with the world's leading innovators. Our solutions help solve the specific challenges of corporate IP departments and considerably improve the customers' IP management process.
A trusted partner
Our main motivation for the work we do is the satisfaction of our customers. As a trusted partner, we are ready to assist you during all stages of collaboration – from the selection of the most suitable solution to its implementation and maintenance. Rest assured that we are dedicated to providing you with reliable support and consulting services whenever you need them.
Leading IP experts rely on Unycom software solutions.
Understanding your business
It’s our aim to provide software solutions that enable you to concentrate on your core business. Automate your docketing processes and make more informed decisions with Unycom solutions. This allows you to focus on implementing your IP strategy and managing your portfolios.
Our History
Everything begins with an idea. The idea of Unycom was born in 1997. Through the years, our product range has developed and today we offer a broad spectrum of comprehensive IP management solutions and additional services for companies all over the world.

Unycom founded first
web-based enterprise
solution for IP Management


Unycom IPMS 2.0


Opening of office in
Munich, Germany


Unycom Patent
Monitoring Solution


Unycom IPMS 3.0


Opening of US office
in San Francisco,
Unycom IPMS 4.0


IPfolio Spin-off


Partnership with


Launch of Unycom Business Solution


Partnership with Intellectual Property Associates Network (ipan)

Social &
Unycom ESG
Unycom is committed to responsible behavior that encourages environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and effective corporate governance.
Unycom is committed to responsible behavior that seeks to benefit the environment, employees, and local communities.
We demonstrate our commitment to corporate social responsibility by continually seeking to enhance our impact on the environment, on our employees, and on the local communities in which we operate.

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