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A Story of Success
for Daimler
Dr. Christian Hahner
Head of Intellectual Property & Technology
Management at Daimler AG
A state-of-the-art IP management system forms the visionary horizon of a company and serves to maintain its dynamic innovative capability.
125 Years of
Pioneering Inventions
On January 29, 1886, Daimler co-founder Carl Benz filed a patent for a “three-wheeled vehicle powered by a gas engine” at the German Imperial Patent Office in Berlin, which is still considered to be the birth certificate of the motor vehicle. Since then, Daimler has filed over 80,000 patent applications worldwide.
in R&D
Active patents
Active designs
Active trademarks
Quickly and seamlessly
integrate a new IP management system

Prepare and train users

Around 300 users had to be prepared for the system changeover and trained to configure and use the Unycom system in order to achieve both maximal user acceptance and motivation.

No impact on daily business

The new system had to be implemented as quickly and smoothly as possible, without affecting daily business operations. This required a well-planned implementation project.

Migrate a large volume of data

27 different file types, including all the related data and documentation, had to be migrated from the existing system to the Unycom system – without any data loss or drop in efficiency.

One of the most successful
implementation projects in
Unycom’s history

High user acceptance

The training of system users and administrators was well executed and led to a very high level of acceptance and motivation among Daimler employees. The change in systems was widely appreciated.

Smooth integration

Thanks to a clear and realistic project schedule that was tailored to Daimler’s needs, the IP department was able to go live only 12 months after system selection, without any impact on everyday operations.

Successful migration

On one intensive weekend, 1,400,000 files, 90,000 person records, 450,000 time limits and 2,500,000 documents were migrated successfully from the former system to the Unycom solution – with only a single weekday of downtime.

The successful start
of a promising partnership