Unycom 2018 – integrated data analytics at the heart of Unycom’s latest feature-rich upgrade

8 February 2018

Munich, Germany; February 8th 2018 – ipan group, one of the leading providers of IP management services and software announced today a significant upgrade of its Unycom IPMS (Intellectual Property Management System). Unycom is trusted by several of the world’s most innovative companies to manage their IP and is part of ipan group’s portfolio of IPMS alongside IPfolio and IPSS.


Unycom 2018 brings together several innovations designed to improve and maximize the value of client’s intellectual property:

  • The integrated analytics feature will enable clients to have deeper and richer insight into their data, including the ability to create dashboards and reporting outputs on an individual basis. The feature is designed to enhance daily processes and aid reporting to senior IP decision makers.
  • A new management dashboard allows users overview key Unycom metrics, set by their user profile or customized per individual user, immediately after login. This time-saving innovation removes the need to ‘deep dive’ into the system and will save users valuable time in their daily work.
  • Improving user friendliness is a constant development priority at Unycom, and Unycom 2018 incorporates about major usability improvements for IP professionals as well as all other user groups including the inventor community which will benefit from more integrated communication functionality and improved information supply.


Commenting on the announcement, Joachim Kräuter, co-Managing Director, and responsible for product strategy and development at Unycom said “We are very proud to launch this version of Unycom as it brings together almost 18 months of development that reflects our client’s changing needs in this dynamic and increasingly technology-led IP market”.


About ipan group

ipan group (Intellectual Property Associates Network), is a leading provider of IP management services and software, supporting the largest IP owners around the globe. Founded in 2004, ipan is a strategic alliance of renowned IP experts committed to providing clients a level of quality, transparency and cost savings not available through any other source in the IP market. In 2016, ipan became ipan group with the acquisition of IPMS provider Unycom, followed by IPSS. In 2017, ipan group announced it had acquired a significant minority stake in US-based IPfolio.


Headquartered in Munich, Germany, with offices in UK, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria and the United States, the company’s disruptive approach to optimizing process and cost has made it the solution of choice for the largest IP owners and one of the world’s fastest growing IP service and software companies.


For more information on ipan group, please visit www.ipan-services.com

For more information on Unycom, please visit www.unycom.com


Godfrey Ryan
Global Head of Sales & Marketing
Email: GRyan@ipan.eu
+44 7495 38 66 77

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